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Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.

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What we are legally allowed to say about our secret shirt stays

Updated: Apr 15

We are in the process of patenting our shirt stays, which is very frustrating for us. Until the procedure is finished, we cannot disclose anything about our invention. Those are the conditions for patenting.

But, we really wanted to share our excitement! So, here is everything we are allowed to say legally (+ some original pictures from my notebook) .

My emotional rollercoaster with shirt stays

The first time I wore stays shirts, I was ecstatic. I was so convinced of them that I offered one (a garter-style) to a friend, James, so that he could also enjoy this magic tool. He could only be thrilled by the promises I made about them.

And as a matter of fact, he stopped wearing them after the first try. It worked well, even very well. But he didn't like the odd feeling it gave. He said it bothered him. That they were complicated to put on. That his girlfriend was wondering if he had decided to get into BDSM practices.

And you know that feeling when you hear a remark, and something inside shatters? And from there you cannot unsee it? Well, that happened.

For every thrill I got from wearing shirt stays, I never felt completely comfortable again.

But I couldn't go back to square one. I hated the idea of re-tucking my shirt every 10 minutes again.

But the other stays shirts weren't working either. They all had something that made them annoying to wear or they just didn’t work.

So I did the only thing you can do when you're that desperate: I had to create the shirt stays I wanted myself.

What works for shirt stays?

It was a very optimistic conclusion for someone who was more used to reading books, looking at screens and numbers rather than using his fingers. Besides, my only sewing experience was limited to roughly fix the fallen buttons on my shirts.

So, I started with what I knew best. Since I didn't know anything about the different types of elastics, where to get chrome steel clips, or even that elastic sewing threads existed, I started by analyzing all the shirt stays I had. I took the ones that worked well. Studied each of their characteristics, isolated their best features.

And I wrote down my first ideas.

First of all, my shirt stays would use a pulling system (in contrast with a locking system).

Pulling system vs. Locking system

It's the only effective option. We have already seen that shirt stays using locking systems such as belts, GesK Pant Up, Magnetuck, don't work well enough or are very uncomfortable to wear. The pulling system allows the fabric of the shirt to move around and back in place which is essential for comfort. And unlike belts, they naturally also prevent the risk of a whale tail popping out.

Next, I had to decide where to put the base of the pulling mechanism: thighs (garter-style), knees or feet (Y-style).

Pulling based shirt stays at thighs, knees and socks level

I chose a high base, at thigh level (garter-style). A sufficiently high base (above the knees) is mandatory to avoid a leg bulge.

The infamous leg bulge

Then, to decide how the shirt will be maintained, I had the choice between a 3-elastic system (front, back and side seam) and a 2-elastic one (front and back).

3 pulling elastics vs 2 pulling elastics

I opted for the latter to achieve an optimal result between efficiency and wearing comfort. I did few tests on the subject, and the conclusions were similar: 3 pulling elastics are too uncomfortable for the little benefit they provide.

Few twists on the existing is not enough

I was already very satisfied with my findings at that point. However, what I had invented so far was - at best - garter-style shirt stay from which the middle elastic had been cut off. Which I already possessed by doing exactly that.

That didn't prevent garter-style shirt says from being uncomfortable, as James had pointed out. And feeling the basic elastic on your thighs becomes more and more unpleasant as the day progressed.

A better base system had to be found. But how could this be done? Would tighter or softer elastics do the trick? Nope. It wasn't a question of the quality of the elastic but the fact that all the pulling force from the shirt is exerted on the elastic. And anyway, what did we know about the different elastic bands that exist on the market and how to get them?

So, after thinking about it for several days, and testing several variants, we came up with a design that has minimized the pulling force exerted on the base elastic, yet, kept the same strain on the shirt.

A drawing of a fishing rod that says a lot

Less pulling force on the tights results in an almost unobtrusive wearing experience. The shirt stays we crafted so far were completely comfortable throughout the day.

We even came up with another unique idea while researching the base elastic system. We found a way for the pulling elastic bands to accompany the wearer's movement. With that design, the shirt is held in place with the exact need for pulling force in all cases, without any elastic being overstretched when it is not needed.

A design that was discarded

It allowed the pulling elastics to relax completely while sitting. While in the current system of Y-style or garter-style shirt stays, the pulling elastics at the back are extremely outstretched when sitting. The shirt is pulled to the excess, even though there is no extra need. This makes wearing classic shirt stays particularly uncomfortable when sitting down. Ours were still as comfortable to wear sitting down as they are standing up.

But we did it!

So that was it. My perfect work. Still all crumpled up, with yellow and green stitching and threads hanging here and there.

A part of the final prototype ;)

It was the shirt stays I wanted. After so much effort and needle stitches. The result is here. And I couldn’t believe it every time I wear it.

I was nothing but blissfulness. Everything felt incredible. I walked, run, stretched, jumped, did push-ups, been fooling around. No fear of my shirt tucking out. I was able to maintain this feeling of exhilaration throughout the day when I put on my suit. No more corners of my head thinking about putting anything back on. A complete peace of mind. I finally had THE solution I was looking for.

The next steps

And I was not the only one looking for that solution. Discussions with colleagues and friends, reading blogs and specialized forums suggested that many men have the same concern and are not satisfied with what they wear, even if they live with it.

What I invented could help other people. But how to introduce them to the world? That was another issue. And far more complicated one.

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You will be the first notified when they come out AND you'll also have the priority on orders from the first available stock. And most importantly, leaving your email allows us to know that you, as a shirt stays user, are interested in this solution. Not necessarily because you're going to buy it, but because you want to see the final, tangible result we've achieved, so you can be the judge of it.

Cheers, Louis

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