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Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.

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More on our secret shirt stays

Updated: Mar 24

We tried several types of shirt stays already and to be honest none of them were completely satisfying. Some were even disappointing.

Let’s take the secret belts for example.

They worked, they were comfortable (otherwise we would not offer them in our store), but I strongly disliked the whale tail issue. Even worse, because it was not my underwear that was shown, but a specific device (the secret belt), it felt like shouting to the world: “that guy is trying waaay too hard and he is miserably failing”.

I’m pretty sure I heard few giggles behind me once. So now, I’m sticking to wearing them always with jackets. They are still comfortable after all.

Two shirt stays gave us good results: the garter-style and the Y-style.

But even so, they lacked that extra mile to make our experience outstanding.

And you guessed it, we want to provide these extra miles, + another one, + yet another one. That is our secret shirt stays project.

Why not create something entirely new or innovative, other that elastic-based shirt stays?

I was curious about items like the Magnetuck or the GesK pants up.

I am looking forward to confirming or refuting their effectiveness. But, because even though they can work, I think the principle of keeping the shirt from moving is fundamentally flawed.

The reason your shirt gets untucked/is being pulled out of your trousers is that they are being “moved” as you move. I understand I am being puzzling, so here is a 1000 words

By locking the shirt, preventing it from moving, we only stretch the fabric (which is usually not stretchable) which makes things really uncomfortable for us. I personally feel like wearing a camisole during those moments.

Shirt stays using elastics are more comfortable in this regard because the fabric of the shirt can still be moved. The elastic simply pulls it back in place once the pulling tension is over.

For me, this simple physics makes pulling-based shirt stays infinitely better than locking-based shirt stays such as the Magnetuck, the GesK Pants Up, pinning your shirt onto your trousers, or secret belts. For the sake of comfort, the shirt HAS TO MOVE (or has to be made with stretchable fabric, but this is another topic).

So our secret shirt stays will be elastic based.

Where is the innovation then?

Will we create yet another NV Holder garter-style shirt stays or a KK&Jay Y-style shirt stays with new patterns or better clips?

Nope. Because each of these types of shirt stays also have their fundamental issues.

Regarding the Y-style shirt stays, if comfort was mainly an elastic issue (more here), which can be fixed with adequate elastics, the device had a big drawback.

For us, that bulge also shouted “that guy is trying too hard”. We wanted something discrete, unnoticeable with our trousers on, and not a device that betrayed us every time we sat down.

The mandatory socks were also another, although smaller, drawback. James and I sometimes like to go sockless, which doesn’t work with the classic variant of y-style shirt stays. KK&Jay solved that issue with their new invention, but I believe even that one creates the aforementioned bulge.

So, for us, the main elastic that serves as the pulling basis needs to be placed higher. It is the only way to guarantee a complete lack of bulge.

Which leads us to the garter-style shirt stays.

The garter-style shirt stays would have been our perfect product if it was not for a fundamental flaw: I was more than happy to remove them at the end of the day. Which meant they were not comfortable enough. To be precise, after some time, the main elastics on my tights were too noticeable. Not to an uncomfortable level yet, but too noticeable.

A better-thought-out elastic basis was necessary. Too tight and the experience was uncomfortable, too loose and the shirt stays were ineffective.

I only there was a way.

I’m being a tease, of course we already found a great solution.

The other main issue of the garter-style shirt stays, let’s face it, is its inherent sexiness. I am very comfortable with my manhood, but that doesn’t mean I would not mind being seeing with these attached onto my tights. Way too sexy.

Fortunately, if watching too much overly gendered ad taught me something, it is that this sexiness issue is easily solved with few visual twist or marketing.

For example, instead of thin delicate elastics that are too feminine, men need thick bulky strong stuff. Otherwise it is not manly. This brand clearly understood the idea.

What a manly shirt stays!

So that is our idea! A garter-style shirt stays with a slightly better base and thick elastics!!!

And of course, I am teasing you again! We are still far from the product James and I conceived.

We only gave you the main issue we tackled. I’ll provide even more details as we move forward.



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