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Introducing the Boxstays

Run, jump, do push-ups, fool around with your shirt perfectly tucked in

After months of preparation, this is it! 

Our gamechanging shirt stays are ready.

And they are only on Louis & James.

  • Louis

How to put on the garter-style shirt stays

Updated: Apr 14

1. Loosen all elastics before beginning the attachment steps

2. Fix the clips where you feel it right. We advocate fixing them not too far from the side seam to increase comfort as explained at the bottom of this article.

a. First fix the front clip.

b. Gently slide your shirt in front of you , then fix the middle clip.

c. Gently slide your shirt in front of you again, then fix the back clip.

3. On your tights, slip the hook into the belt.

4. Extra steps for a first-time usage:

  • a. Adjust everything

  • b. Straighten up and then sit down. You should feel a gentle tension and not much more. Both on your tights and on your upper body. It is more than enough. A more noticeable tension would be uncomfortable fast. And remember that having that perfectly sleek and straight shirt line is not ideal either. Too noticeable and it will appear unnatural and will raise few eyebrows around you.

  • c. If it doesn’t feel perfect yet, adjust everything again. Take your time, your first experience would feel even greater.

5. That’s it! Now go, walk bold and free you sexy beast!

We are crafting even better shirt stays!

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