Our shirt stays project

Wear and forget. 
Just seize the day.

The most comfortable shirt stays experience ever crafted.

Conceived to run 100 yards with your shirt perfectly tucked in.

Only on Louis & James.

THE solution to keep our shirt tucked in

We've tried so many shirt stays so we know most of them don't work the way they should. For every thrill we had from wearing them, we never felt completely comfortable again.

So we invented our own device based on our strict requirements and experience.

They were by far the best shirt stays we've worn. Everything about them felt incredible. We walked, run, stretched, jumped, did push-ups, been goofing around. No fear for our shirt popping out. No back of our minds worrying about anything. Just seizing the day.

We finally had THE solution we were looking for.

Our goal now is to introduce our new invention to other shirt stays users.  Stay tuned! We are so close to reveal them.

Latest advancements

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Not a matter of better elastics.

A matter of better design. 


We will deliver worldwide because the curse of retucking shirts affects all gentlemen over the world.

But for the first wave, we will focus on increasing the efficiency of our delivery system in the following countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France.

Countries that are not on this list will still be able to receive our parcels, but taking into account the efficiency and delivery period of international postal services.

Step-by-step plan and current status


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