Boxstays' sizing.

The Boxstay is a fit-dependent apparel. Your comfort is strongly linked to the choice of the right size. So we made this short guide to help you find the best one.


The size of the Boxstay is based first on the size of your waistband, taken from you with your belly completely relaxed, and NOT from the size of one of your underwear as the latter does not take into account the stretching of the elastic.


On the pictures, our model is 5'11 tall (1,82m), and although he appears thin, he has the 30-year-old bod, with a waist circumference of 93 centimeters.


He is wearing a L-sized Boxstay because of his bod. He can sometimes wear a M-sized undergarment, but it will feel tight. He wears trousers sized 34 US/UK comfortably or 33 US/UK when he stubbornly insists he's thinner and if he tucks his belly in.

*Since very few units will be produced for the beta-release, we will only produce the two most popular size.


Tell us which sizes to favor here!