The Boxstays.

Performance shirt stays

Beta release

in a few weeks.


estimated price in stock

  • Walk, run, jump, do push-ups, goof around with your shirt tucked in.

  • 5 patent pending features for an unparalleled comfort.

  • Taylor the public version to your personal taste.

Estimated delivery: September

Units to be produced



A French approach to shirt stays...

We don't necessarily take ourselves too seriously, but we freaking love our shirts and are always looking for ways to keep them perfectly tucked in. We put a ridiculous amount of thoughts on that issue. That's how we came up with the Boxstays. 

What's the Boxstays you say? We're glad you asked!

A gamechanger for shirt stay users.

Shirt stays are a century-old male garment from military tradition. They work great to keep your shirt perfectly tucked in. And they are great to complete your outfit. But you don't have to wear the same one your great-great-grandfather wore.



The issues with current shirt stays.

We've tried so many shirt stays we know most of them don't work the way they should. Some didn't work at all. For every thrill we had from wearing them, we never felt completely comfortable again.

But since we paid them $20, $30 or even $45, we kept telling ourselves they were worth it... Until they were forgotten in the drawer.

Here are 5 issues of the most popular type of shirt stays in the market. It is not a matter of quality. Buying a $45 premium version of these shirt stays do not solve those problems. It is a matter of design.

What's a Boxstay? 

A Boxstay isn't exactly a new apparel. Au contraire! It's simply made of two very common parts: 

  • a boxer brief.

  • the shirt stays suspenders. 

The only thing we did is take each part, fine-tuned their potential and put them together. 

A very simple idea with fantastic results.

What makes the Boxstays special? 

Because we were so frustrated, we developed our own shirt stay based on our strict requirements. We wanted to move freely. We wanted to forget its existence. Every little detail and (now patent pending) innovations have been thought to optimize their pulling system on shirts and enhance their wearing comfort.

The Boxstays are by far the best experience we’ve had.

We walked, run, stretched, jumped, did push-ups, been goofing around. Never once did we fear for our shirt to pop out. We felt no discomfort on our thighs, back or anywhere else.


It was just us, enjoying the moment...and goofing around.

The following pictures are to show how the boxstays behave under your trousers. It's certainly not about how they're used ;)


No one in their right mind goes outside wearing a shirt, an underwear and running shoes. And yet WE DID. That's how serious we are about how great the Boxstays are!

Made to move.

The Boxstays are made to run with. They are designed first and foremost to move with you, keeping your shirt perfectly tucked-into trousers so you can focus only on your goals.

Constantly adjusts to your actions.

The elastics of regular shirt stays always pull too much or not enough. We designed a sliding system that continuously balance the pulling tension at each end of the elastic strip according to your position.


It is not just the elastic band that are involved there. The slider that exerts the pulling force continuously changes its position to prevent the elastic to overstretch for the simplest task.


So whether you are standing, sitting, kneeling or on a starter, your shirt is constantly maintained with the perfect amount of pull on each side.

Relaxes completely when seated.

It's stupid not to want to sit down because it's uncomfortable with a stay shirt. But that happened. It is not the case with the sliding system. The sliding system relieves the pull on the back of your shirt when it is not needed. The pull will fully resume as soon as you get up. You can sit down … normally. It's life's little pleasures that we enjoy again because we've lost them.

Unparalleled comfort.

Until now, for a stay shirt to be really effective, you had to tighten its elastics to the max. It was trading our comfort for something that works to keep our shirt tucked in. It also meant that we were always feeling uncomfortable somewhere.

The double basis system was the first innovation we developed for the Boxstays. The tension on our thighs is distributed between the two elastic bands. This halves (to say the least) the feeling of constriction on our thighs. That changes everything. You forget about Boxstays after the first few minutes.

1 mn to put on.

There's no point in being effective if it takes an eternity to put on and take off. 
The different parts of the boxstays can be separated and each part can be quickly and easily attached to each intendent garment. Even after the shirt is put on. 
Once everything is well fixed, you just need to close the buckle to start the pulling. 

2s to remove.

Again there is NO point in being effective if it take and eternity to take off ESPECIALLY on URGENT matters.

The quick release buckle separates the upper part and the lower part of the boxstays in 2 seconds. You won't have to take everything off.

Accordingly, you don’t need to put everything on again once you’re finished, you can just close the buckle to start the pulling. 

Short friendly.

Up until now, if you wanted to wear a shirt with shorts, not many shirt stay models allowed you to do so.

The Boxstay is perfect for sporting that look. Not only does it prevent whale tails and leg bulges, but as seen in the picture, you can move just as easily as in trousers, without any risk of exposure. Perfect for sunny days!  


The results. 

Of course, the best way to use the Boxstay is to keep a shirt tucked in trousers. 
So we put on ours, grabbed our camera, and went for a walk. We took some pictures. We didn't touch the shirt once we were out. That didn't stop our shirt from being nicely tucked in all the time, with a very natural look.

Results 1-2.jpg

A rougher test.

We carried out several tests to ensure that the Boxstays withstand rough movements from the wearer while keeping your shirt properly tucked in. We took some videos so you can see the real-life results for yourself. These are one-shot videos, so we couldn't use any editing tricks to improve the results. If you haven't seen it above, it's right below.


The Boxstays vs. regular shirt stays.

We mean it when we talk about gamechanging shirt stays. Here is how the Boxstays do compared to the most popular type of shirt stays on the market

How does it work? 




*Anthracite will be the only color available for the beta release.

Brittany and Bordeaux will be available on the next step.




Preview of the anthracite Boxstay.


Who are we?

We're your friendly neighborhood frenchmen!!!

We freaking love our shirts and are always looking for ways to keep them perfectly tucked in. We put a ridiculous amount of thoughts on that issue. 

Have you ever bought the same product more than 20 times simply to find out which one works and which one is a marketing ploy?

We did. That's how committed (fancy pancy for stubborn) we are! But as you know by now, we weren't satisfied yet, which brought us here.

Now we want to address other people who are still looking for a solution for their untucked shirt: you will love the Boxstays!

Seems good already,
I'm in!


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What's in for beta-backers? 

We'll be honest, we need your help at this stage.


We love the prototypes of Boxstays we've created, and we feel somewhere that they can be enjoyed by other gentlemen that are looking for better shirt stay solutions.

The beta-release is our way to look for these gentlemen. And our beta-release offer is the cut price for those who dare to be the first to try a new idea.


That is why we have limited this special offer to 50 units.

But because you're sharing the journey with us, here's what comes in the beta-release packaging:

The Beta-test Boxstay.

The Boxstays as we like it at Louis & James... and the only boxstays in the world for several months to come.

Produced in limited version by experienced craftsmen from Europe

40% Discount.

After completion of the Kickstarter campaign, a 40% discount on our professional range of boxstays which includes 2 stays and 5 boxer briefs (i.e. about $100 for an estimated selling price of $169).


You save about 69 euros on the estimated prices.

The beta-release Boxstay pays for itself at the end.

A product tailored to your taste.

Your personal feedback and preferences will be carefully analyzed by our team and, when possible or essential, will be included in the release version, for a product tailored to your taste.

Your decisions will affect all the gentlemen who will put on the Boxstays!


Remember that with great power comes great responsibility!



Very few units will be produced for the beta-release. Therefore, we will not be able to provide all the different sizes of the Boxstays.

So we will only offer to order and produce the two most requested sizes for the beta-release.


Tell us which sizes to favor here!


Beta-release delivery.

For beta testing, we ship to Europe with a $3 shipping fee and to US, Canada, Australia and Asia with a $6 shipping fee.

The list of European countries where we ship to can be found here.

Our normal delivery conditions will again apply once the Boxstays are fully released and our delivery system is well established, i.e. free of delivery fees to the US and from $2 to the other countries.

Beta-release return.

Although this is a beta release, we refund any boxstay that is too small to be worn. You will be refunded for the product and the shipping fee (with the exception of return costs) as soon as we get the parcel back.



Estimated timeline.




Is the version on the photos the one I would get?

Nope. This is the lastest prototype we sewed ourselves with our (rather limited) sewing skills. The version you will receive will be a premium one, manufactured by a European company specialized in men's underwear, which will bring its experience and knowledge in the product.

The product will be basically the same, but more elegant, with a far better finish.

We will post photos and videos of that version when we receive their prototype.



Why buy a $39 shirt stay when I can get one for $5 on Amazon?

We fully understand the question! In fact, Louis started this journey with a £2 shirt stay (he was in England at the time). He never wore it because the quality was terrible and it was unwearable. But we totally encourage you to try cheaper shirt stays if you’re starting. It allows you to see if shirt stays are something for you in general, and what you like and dislike. We've even written a few guides, which you'll find here.

And if you love the idea of shirt stays, but you are not satisfied with the $5 or the $20 models on Amazon anymore and you're craving for something entirely different, the Boxstays will be waiting for you ;)


$39 is a premium price for something not yet perfect

The beta version of the Boxstay is the perfect Boxstay as we dreamed it at Louis & James. It has everything we wanted as users. But it can always be improved. So part of the reason why we decided to release a beta version was that other users, with their own experience, may have great ideas that are worth incorporating. And we want to make the Boxstays the best possible experience for everyone.

But it is true that at $39 for the beta release, the Boxstay is challenging premium shirt stays.

And yet, they are cheaper than most branded shirt stays.

Compared to regular shirt stays which are mainly a pair of elastics, the Boxstays are composed of 2 pieces: the boxer briefs and the stays (the elastic component).

Each of these elements is of premium quality, crafted following strict European standards. And most importantly, each separate element even requires more handwork than their regular equivalent.

  • The Boxstays’ boxer briefs require 4 more premium elastic bands than a regular undergarment, without mentioning a specific manufacturing procedure.

  • The Boxstays’ stays are just shorter than regular shirt stays but it is composed of several unique parts that regular shirt stays simply don’t have.

That’s like $20 for a more elaborate and premium boxer briefs and $20 for more elaborate and premium stays.


Shouldn't I wait for the public release or the Kickstarter campaign?

Your participation during any phase of this project will be greatly appreciated. But the beta release is not a bad or a risky deal either. It is actually one of the best deal we will probably offer:

  • The beta release is probably the cheapest edition of the Boxstays since we take almost no personal profit or payment from it. The Boxstays will be produced in limited quantities which increase the price of its manufacture. And the potential margin on these sales will be used to finance the next steps. This is one of these case where you pay for a product and not a brand. 

  • The Kickstarter campaign and further public release will still take several months before launch and even longer before completion. The Boxstays of the beta release will be the only Boxstays in the world for several months to come.

  • Although we didn't directly mention it, we mainly see the beta release as an offer for users who wear or plan to wear shirt stays several times a week, as part of their work or activity.  That is why we completed our offer with a 40% discount on the (future) professional range of Boxstays (2 stays and 5 boxer briefs) upon the public release. We want to make sure that our beta backers are reimbursed for the price of the beta version at the time of the public release.


A more efficient, more comfortable, (comparatively) cheaper, and unique shirt stay for the months to come? Not bad! Where?

Thank you ! Since we are users first, we try to provide the best deal for our (future) customers. If you're tempted for the beta release, it is just below.



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